Frazz 3.1416

Frazz 3.1416

by Jef Mallett
Publisher: Andrews and McMeel
Trade Paperback, 128 pages
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"We've had singers, sports stars, and comedians [on the show], but Jef Mallett is the first artist to take the stage. And boy does he make his first appearance count."
—The Bob and Tom Radio Show

Nominated by the National Cartoonist Society as Best Comic Strip, Jef Mallett's "Frazz" follows the life of Bryson Elementary School janitor and hit-songwriting-wonder Edwin Frazier. An all-round Renaissance man, role model, and friend rolled into one, Frazz feels as comfortable philosophizing with the students as he is with the teachers and principal.

Always placing an emphasis on the importance of seizing opportunities to learn and grow, "Frazz" is a family favorite and multiple-year recipient of the Wilbur Award from the Religion Communicators Council for excellence in communicating values and ethics.

Sample Strips:

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Sample strips courtesy of This book includes strips from 10/20/2002 to 7/26/2003.

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