Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eleanor Roosevelt
by Russell Freedman
from Clarion Books
Biography for 4th-6th grade
1994 Newbery Honor Book
in Biographies (Location: BIO)
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Eleanor Roosevelt
by Jane Goodsell, illustrated by Wendell Minor
from HarperCollins
for 2nd-5th grade
in Biographies (Location: BIO)
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Eleanor Roosevelt: Fighter for Social Justice
Childhood of Famous Americans
by Ann Weil
from Aladdin Paperbacks
Biography for 3rd-6th grade
in Childhood of Famous Americans (Location: BIO-COFA)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
by Wilson Sullivan
from American Heritage Publishing Co.
Biography for 5th-8th grade
in American Heritage Junior Library (Location: VIN-AHJL)
Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt
by C. Coco De Young
from Yearling
Historical fiction for 3rd-8th grade
in Historical Fiction (Location: FIC-HIF)
Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt?
Who Was?...Series
by Gare Thompson
from Grosset & Dunlap
for 3rd-6th grade
in Who Was? biographies (Location: BIO-WHO)