Frank Wang

Beginning his early life as a child deemed as having little academic potential, Wang began in seventh grade to prove his educators wrong.  Though others depicted him as a marginal student, Wang studied math by himself and progressed to the point that during high school he was taking calculus from the University of Oklahoma.  At age sixteen, John Saxon entered his life, and Wang began a relationship with him that would last over fifteen years.

Saxon wanted help writing a textbook.  When publishers declined to see his manuscript into print, Saxon founded Saxon Publishing, Inc.  Wang worked his way through Princeton University by proofreading the pages of Saxon's books that were being typeset in Singapore.  After Princeton, Wang entered Massachusetts Institute of Technology for graduate studies in pure mathematics.  His education paused briefly when Saxon again asked for help with a calculus text for high schoolers.  Wang did his part and earned the title of co-author for Saxon Calculus.  

Almost finished earning his Ph.D, Wang found himself asked to run the Saxon company.  Completing his studies, Wang returned to Norman, Oklahoma and became its vice president in 1991.  By 1992 he was named executive vice president, and in 1994 he held the title of president of Saxon Publishers.  Wang worked hard to advance the company and saw sales quadruple within six years.  He focused on creating the phonics product line, improved infrastructure, and designed a budget system.  In 1996 Saxon passed away and the mantle of chairman of the board fell to Wang's shoulders.  He held the positions of president and CEO as well until 2001.

Eventually Wang left Saxon Publishers because he wanted to fulfill he dream of being an instructor like his father.  He taught at the University of Oklahoma and is currently teaching advanced math at the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics in Oklahoma City.  Wang still endorses the Saxon books through speaking engagements, writing, and consulting and firmly believes in the company that he helped build for over twenty years.


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Saxon Calculus - Test Forms
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Saxon Calculus - Textbook
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