Francis Asbury

Francis Asbury

God's Circuit Rider

by Charles Ludwig
Publisher: Mott Media
Trade Paperback, 205 pages
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The age of Francis Asbury was one of strife and upheaval. But largely because of Asbury himself, it was also an age of religious fervor and evangelistic zeal in this country that hasn't been seen since. His death marked an end to an era; his life still challenges all Christians everywhere to imitate this godly example.

In commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Methodist Church in America, Mott Media was proud to publish Charles Ludwig's exhaustively researched biography of Francis Asbury.

As father and bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Asbury became the best known person in America—holding greater ecclesiastical powers than any other protestant in early America. His history is the history of American Methodism.

Of those circuit riders who rode before 1800, half died before the age of thirty. Most barely stayed on the trail for a decade. But averaging 6,000 miles a year in a carriage or on horseback, Asbury preached some 16,500 sermons in his 45 years of ministry. He said, "I must ride or die."

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