Francis Asbury

Francis Asbury

Circuit Rider

by Geoff Benge, Janet Benge
Publisher: YWAM Publishing
Trade Paperback, 192 pages
Price: $11.99

Historical Setting: England; American Colonies 1745-1816

Frank felt his heart beat fast. At that moment he was certain God was calling him, asking him to give up his ties to his homeland and set out across the Atlantic Ocean. He did not hesitate to stand when John Wesley asked preachers to walk forward if they felt God was calling them to the American colonies.

One of the first Methodist bishops in America, English-born Francis Asbury devoted his life to ministry, traveling on horseback to preach and teach to those living on the vastly isolated American frontier. Alone in a new country, with no home of his own, Asbury rode over 300,000 miles—across rivers and through rocky, overgrown roads—shining God's light on the fledgling colonies.

When many Methodist clergy left America during the Revolutionary War, Asbury stayed. His tireless leadership saw the movement grow from 5,000 members in 1776 to over 200,000 at the time of his death, fulfilling the great duty of his call and shaping future generations. (1745-1816)

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