For Name and Fame

For Name and Fame

Through Afghan Passes

by G. A. Henty
Publisher: Robinson Curriculum
Hardcover, 370 pages
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Historical Setting: Afghanistan, 1878 A. D.

An interesting story of the last war in Afghanistan (at G. A. Henty's time). The hero, after being wrecked and going through many stirring adventures among the Malays, finds his way to Calcutta and enlists in a regiment proceeding to join the army at the Afghan passes. He accompanies the force under General Roberts to the Peiwar Kotal, is wounded, taken prisoner, carried to Cabul, whence he is transferred to Candahar, and takes part in the final defeat of the army of Ayoub Khan. This relates the circumstances of Sir Frederick Roberts' march on Cabul. In both campaigns England's concern over Russia's influence in the area was an important factor.

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