For Instruction in Righteousness (old)

For Instruction in Righteousness (old)

A Topical Reference Guide for Biblical Child Training

by Pam Forster
Publisher: Doorposts
Revised edition, ©1995, Publisher Catalog #fiir
Spiralbound, 313 pages
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To say For Instruction in Righteousness is a compendium of sins would be to miss the point entirely—while it is organized by trespass (from impatience and pride to hatred), the verses and advice following each heading are intended to help kids avoid those sins, and to help parents respond wisely when their children give in to temptation.

Author Pam Forster initially compiled this volume for her own use. Because the Bible is the standard for Christian parents, she doesn't reference psychologists or "parenting experts"; she offers advice and insight gained from raising her own children, but she's clear from the outset that the only authority is Scripture and points again and again to its wisdom.

For Instruction in Righteousness can be used as a reference or provide the model for a family Bible study. Each section is labeled with a sin (pretty much everything is covered!), followed by Bible verses which describe the sin and describe what happens (or what should happen) to those who commit it.

Stories illustrating the consequences of each sin are also referenced, including the Scriptures where they can be found. But this isn't just about avoiding sin—it's about pursuing righteousness, and after the verses about sin come verses describing and illustrating the correlating virtue (for instance, pride/humility). After many of the verses Forster has included commentary and advice for practical implementation of the principles found there.

Originally published in 1995, For Instruction in Righteousness has consistently proved itself to be an excellent resource for parents trying to raise godly children.This isn't just a discipline guide—while there is plenty of advice about how to respond when children commit specific sins, the goal is to train children who not only avoid evil, but who actively love and pursue the Lord of all Creation.

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