For Better or For Best

For Better or For Best

Understanding Your Husband

by Gary Smalley
Publisher: Zondervan
Trade Paperback, 173 pages
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This practical and humorous book outlines steps wives can take for better marriages, showing the emotional and motivational differences between sexes and offering practical how-to advice.

Gary Smalley explains what motivates men and how women can use their natural attractive qualities to build a better marriage. He helps women to understand not only the way men think, but also how to move a man's heart. Using case histories and biblical illustrations, he solves with empathy, humor, and wisdom every practical and emotional problem a woman can face in her marriage.

Do you want your husband to:

  • Meet your romantic needs?
  • Comfort you when you're down?
  • Listen to what you have to say?
  • Appreciate you?
  • Do more around the house?
  • Spend time with the kids?
  • Be your most intimate friend?
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