Flying Tigers

Flying Tigers

The World War II exploits of America's heroic fighter pilots in China

Landmark #105
by John Toland
Publisher: Random House
©1963, Item: 41175
Hardcover, 170 pages
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During World War II, a group of American fighter pilots roamed the skies over China and Burma, menacing the Japanese war effort without letup. Flamboyany, daring and courageous, they were called the Flying Tigers.

The Tigers, who had been recruited from the Army, Navy and Marines, first saw action as a volunteer group fighting on the side of Chiang Kai-shek's China against Japan. Schooled in unconventional air-combat tactics of their unorthodox leader, Claire Lee Chennault, they racked up some of the most impressive air-victory records of World War II.

In this book John Toland tells the incredible story of Chennault and his magnificent Tigers, a group of men who performed the impossible.


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