Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

World Landmark #46
by Ruth Fox Hume
Publisher: Random House
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Both beautiful and brilliant, young Florence Nightingale had a number of suitors, including the most sought-after bachelor in England. She was presented to royalty at court, and her parents insisted that she attend parties and balls. Yer from the age of 16—as we read in this absorbing book—Florence felt that life should mean more than comfort and luxury.

How was this remarkable girl able to overcome the opposition of her family and Victorian society in order to enter nursing? How did it happen that she saved thousands of lives during the Crimean War, bringing order to the chaos of the British Army's medical service? How did she develop into the founder of modern nursing, the influential advisor to statesmen, the "Lady With a Lamp" beloved by millions?

In earlier books, Ruth Fox Hume demonstrated her gift for explaining the invaluable contributions made by pioneers of medicine. Now she tells the dramatic story of Florence Nightingale, who fought in war and in peace to establish modern medical standards for hospitals and the nursing profession.

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