Flame-Colored Taffeta

Flame-Colored Taffeta

by Rosemary Sutcliff (Author)
Hardcover, 130 pages
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Historical Setting: 18th Century Sussex

When twelve-year-old Damaris discovers a young men who has been shot in the woods near her house, she doesn't stop to worry that he may be a smuggler or a spy wanted by King George's Customs House men. Instead, she turns to those she can trust—her best friend, Peter, and Genty Small the Wise Woman—for help in saving his life. And after Tom Wildgoose recovers enough to be able to talk about himself, but chooses to be evasive when answering Damaris's questions, she doesn't really mind. What is important to Damaris is that he will be leaving soon, taking away all the adventure and mystery he had suddenly brought into her life.

But then Tom is captured by Mr. Farrington, who threatens to turn him over to the authorities. In a true act of loyalty, Damaris jeopardizes her own safety to try to rescue the mysterious young man and set him free once again.

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