Five Points of Calvinism

Five Points of Calvinism

Defined, Defended, Documented

by David Steele (Editor), Curtis Thomas (Editor), S. Lance Quinn (Editor)
Publisher: P&R Publishing
2nd Edition, ©2004, Publisher Catalog #8274
Trade Paperback, 247 pages
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This book goes over the five principal points of what is commonly called "Calvinism," defining and defending the terms with Scripture while documenting literature from the past that explains and supports them.

Part One deals with the history of Calvinism: why five points, when and how they were formulated, what they teach us, and how they differ from Arminianism. Part Two examines the biblical foundation for the five points from over 250 passages from Scripture. Part Three encourages further study by providing full source information and a brief review of the best older writing of the whole Calvinistic system and on each point.

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