Five Pioneer Missionaries

Five Pioneer Missionaries

by John Thornbury, R. Strang Miller, Neville B. Cryer, 2 othersRichard T. France, John D. Legg
Trade Paperback, 345 pages
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There are few more thrilling periods of church history than the great missionary movement which stretched from the eighteenth into the nineteenth century. Recognizing that Jesus Christ was the missionary sent by the Father, and that the Bible is the Magna Charta of missions, men like Henry Martyn, John G. Paton, John Eliot, David Brainerd and William Chalmers Burns left home, family and love for the sake of Christ and to spread his good news. The narratives of their monumental labors and sufferings and their strong longings to see Christ glorified in the salvation of the nations make awe-inspiring and God-honoring reading. Five Pioneer Missionaries tells the story of each of these servants of God. In doing so it not only outlines some of the great biblical principles of missions, but also challenges Christians today to live lives completely dedicated to serving Jesus Christ wherever he calls us to go.

  • For more on David Brainerd, see: The Life and Diary of David Brainerd
  • For more on John Paton, see: Missionary Patriarch
  • Table of Contents:


    David Brainerd
    By John Thornbury
    William C. Burns
    By R. Strang Miller
    John Elliot
    By Neville B. Cryer
    Henry Martyn
    By Richard T. France
    John G. Paton
    By John D. Legg
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