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Designed for children grades 2-3,Five in a Row provides a step-by-step, instructional guide for teaching Social Studies, Language, Art, Applied Math and Science using outstanding children's literature as the basis for each weekly unit study. Lessons include discussion guide and questions, teacher answers, hands-on activities and suggestions for further study. In addition to the “regular” features, this volume also contains accompanying bible lessons for each story. Connections are drawn between the story and certain biblical passages or topics for daily bible lessons. The other new feature is recipes at the end of each story. These promote quality time in the kitchen and will also help get you into the culture or lifestyle of the book. Colored, laminated story disks are included at the back for each of the 15 books studied.


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Hatmaker's Sign
by Candace Fleming
from Scholastic Inc.
in Picture Books (Location: PICTURE)