First Start Reading Storybook C

First Start Reading Storybook C

by Cheryl Lowe
Publisher: Memoria Press
Saddle-stitched, 75 pages
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Bring the stories you love from First Start Reading to life with the First Start Reading Storybooks!

These Storybooks feature the same targeted phonetic stories found in FSR set to beautifully illustrated black and white pictures to help students stay engaged as they read. The simple and easy to understand stories are designed to build your young learner’s fundamental skills as they develop their phonics and reading abilities. The illustrations on each page can be colored in and make these books the perfect companion to your phonics curriculum.

First Start Reading is a complete phonics course that focuses on 3 important skills: 1) pencil grip and correct letter formation, 2) mastering one sound for each consonant and vowel first, and 3) mastering short and long vowel sounds, 3-letter words, consonant blends, long vowel teams, soft c and g, three sounds of y, and 67 common words. FSR teaches vowel/consonant blending and word families, eliminating the need for most phonics rules. Your child will learn by blending, tracing, and printing words. Most students begin reading  sentences in the very first lesson! Once the student has mastered the basic phonics in the FSR series, he is ready to continue reading progress with real literature.

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