First Language Lessons Level 1

First Language Lessons Level 1

for the Well-Trained Mind

by Jessie Wise
2nd Edition, ©2010, Publisher Catalog #10-FLL1-1e
Perfectbound, 171 pages
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What is the boy looking at? He is looking at a butterfly. "Butterfly" is a noun. We learned the definition of a noun last lesson. Let's say it together three times: A noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or idea. Is a butterfly a person? Is it a place? Is it a thing? Yes, a butterfly is a thing. Butterfly is a noun because it is the name of a thing.

The best of traditional learning in a fresh, new format. A complete grammar and writing text for those first two all-important years of study, First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind uses copy work, narration, dictation, picture study, and other classical techniques to develop the young student's language ability.

  • Scripted lessons give the teacher direction and confidence.
  • Original, clear illustrations relate the lessons to the student's own world.
  • Simple, focused learning goals build a strong foundation for achievement.

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  Grammar Can Be Fun
ReNae of ND, 1/29/2011
Our family has used all 4 years of First Language Lessons and grammar has become one of the most loved subjects. During the 4 year course the student will learn parts of speech; how to diagram a sentence; memorize lists of verbs, articles, prepositions, etc.; memorize poems; punctuation and much more. There is repetition, but I believe the best way to learn and to remember is to review. This course does just that, but each days lesson is short and simple and takes very little time on part of the parent and student. At 3 days per week 1st and 2nd grade takes no more than 10 minutes per day on average. By 3rd and 4th grade lesson time increases to about 20 minutes, but the student has less time memorizing lists of verbs, prepositions, etc. and more time spent on diagramming and writing. This program is a great start to grammar and writing. Another bonus, it is quite inexpensive. One final point: by the time 3rd or 4th grade comes around a student can begin Latin and know what is required when declining nouns.