First 3000 Years

First 3000 Years

Ancient Civilizations of the Tigris, Euphrates, and Nile River Valleys and the Mediterranean Sea

by Charles B. Falls
Publisher: Viking Press
©1960, Item: 89643
Hardcover, 220 pages
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A distinguished artist's lifelong enthusiasm for the study of ancient civilizations has culminated in this compact, superlatively readable book that provides the perfect introduction to a fascinating segment of "background" history. Written with gusto, and illustrated with striking, beautifully detailed drawings, it presents an exciting panorama of events through thirty centuries and shows how life was lived not only among the great and famous but among the ordinary people. Dynasties, wars, and conquests have their place in the narrative as they necessarily must. But the careers of such great leaders as Hammurabi, Alexander, Akhnaton, and Augustus Caesar are discussed with balanced understanding of their foibles and follies as well as of their virtues and achievements, so that they appear as real human beings. The affairs of everyday people are pleasantly emphasized to demonstrate the social customs, economy, and religious beliefs and practices that shaped and distinguished the various cultures. Art, architecture, trade and commerce, and military enterprises are specifically exemplified to give a sound basis for appreciation and comparison, and fine maps help the reader to place the geographical locations in their proper relationship. The drawings, accompanied by pungent, often humorous captions, round out a splendid picture of early civilizations that is bound to inspire intelligent and fruitful interest in the history of the ancient world.

—from the dust jacket

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