Finding the Career That Fits You

Finding the Career That Fits You

by Larry Burkett, Lee Ellis
Publisher: Moody Press
Trade Paperback, 120 pages
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The companion workbook to Your Career in Changing Times.

In today's environment, technology and world competition are causing rapid changes in the workplace, and many people are wondering if job security is a reality. At the same time, others are in a search for more career satisfaction, as evidenced by polls; and 50 percent of employees say that if they were starting over they would choose different career fields. How can you increase your job security? How can you find a field in which you will enjoy your work?

According to Lee Ellis and Larry Burkett, you can find the career that fits you. You can enjoy your work. It's just a matter of assessing who you are, knowing your strengths and interests, and discovering the kind of work that will utilize those talents.

In Finding the Career That Fits You, you will discover the person God made you to be through insightful looks at your personality, skills, life values, and vocational interests. Ellis and Burkett will walk you through the job-search process and give you the confidence you need to start or to change your career—and your life!

Two personality assessment tests are included inside.

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