Fighting the Flames

Fighting the Flames

A Tale of the London Fire Brigade

by R. M. Ballantyne
Publisher: Vision Forum
Library Binding, 399 pages
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Frank Wilders is a bright, shining young star rising to distinguished heroism in the London Fire Brigade. No one is more proud of his accomplishments than his younger brother, Willie. As Frank battles the flames, Willie learns what the heart of a hero is made of. Through daring rescues, valiant hard work, plots of arson, attempted murder and winning the worthy hearts of virtuous young women, the best and worst of mid-nineteenth century London is exposed.

Fighting the Flames: A Tale of the London Fire Brigade is a masterpiece of fiction; a beautiful tapestry woven of tales of adventure, heroism and the broad spectrum of multi-faceted human nature.

R.M. Ballantyne expertly maneuvers his extensive and intricate cast of characters through a series of crossed paths, creating lively interplay between the wide varieties of human personalities and foibles that create the diversity of city life—all in the shadow of the great nightly battle with the flames.

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