Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves

Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves

Book One of Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene

by Edmund Spenser, Roy Maynard
Publisher: Canon Press
Trade Paperback, 236 pages
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"Despite all of his acknowledged greatness, almost no one reads Edmund Spenser (1552—99) anymore. Roy Maynard takes the first book of the Faerie Queen, exploring the concept of Holiness with the character of the Redcross Knight, and makes Spenser accessible again. He does this not by dumbing it down, but by deftly modernizing the spelling, explaining the obscurities in clever asides, and cueing the reader towards the right response. In today's cultural, aesthetic, and educational wars, Spenser is a mighty ally for twenty-first century Christians. Maynard proves himself a worthy mediator between Spenser's time and ours."
—Gene Edward Veith

C. S. Lewis said this about his favorite writer:

"Beyond all doubt, it is best to have made one's acquaintance with Spenser in a very large—and preferably illustrated—edition of The Faerie Queene, on a wet day, between the ages of twelve and sixteen."

Here is Book I of Edmund Spencer's epic allegory, recently updated and annotated by Roy Maynard.

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FLAWS: Fighting/violence
Summary: A subtle update of Book I of Spencer's Fairy Queen, the great allegorical poem of 16th century British politics and the pursuit of Christian holiness.

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