Fearless and Faithful

Fearless and Faithful

Risktakers #4
by Linda Finlayson
Trade Paperback, 128 pages
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Contains the stories of a number of godly, fearless women of the past.

Elizabeth Welch faced exile in France and the dangers of an invading army.

Mary Slessor tries to stop the evil practices among an African tribe.

Mildred Cable travels thousands of miles and faces hardship and danger in China in order to share the Gospel with the Chinese people.

Gladys Aylward rescues a hundred Chinese children from the invading Japanese army and sets off with them through the mountains.

Ruth risks traveling to a new country in search of food and finds romance.

Abigail puts up with a difficult husband and provides food for the future king.

These women were all willing to take risks. They faced danger and difficulties. Some faced great hardship because of what they believed in. While reading their exciting stories you will learn about why they did what they did and who it was who helped them. With extra devotional features this book will help young readers to discover the excitement of a Christian life as well as the cost.

About author Linda Finlayson
Linda Finlayson is a Canadian now living in Philadelphia, PA. She has enjoyed working with children in schools, churches and children’s clubs. Bringing together her love of books, children and history has given her the opportunity to write the adventure stories of real people. Linda is married and has one son.

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