Adapted from Gounod's opera

by Robert Lawrence, Paul Kinnear (Illustrator)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1942, Item: 82777
Hardcover, 34 pages
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Here is the well-known story of the lonely old philosopher who sold his soul to the Devil for a taste of youth and love. The story has been told many times, but its most familiar musical setting is Gounod’s opera.

Mephistopheles, or Satan, shows Faust a vision of Marguerite, a lovely young girl. For her love Faust makes the compact with Satan. Immediately his age drops from him, and he becomes a dashing young man.

With the Devil at his side in the guise of a dashing nobleman, young Faust wins Marguerite's heart, woos her, and then leaves her to tragedy. When she is condemned to death as a result of Faust's betrayal, the Devil feels that he has won two souls, but Marguerite's penitence saves her soul at last.

This stirring story is told with colorful illustrations and musical quotations which make a unique little volume for lovers of opera.

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