Fandex Family Field Guides: Presidents

Fandex Family Field Guides: Presidents

by Steven Aronson
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Price: $12.95
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New copies are an updated edition for 2009 (featuring Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States); used copies are usually not updated.

Fandex Family Field Guides: Presidents presents a chronological field guide to all 44 of America's chief executives. Which President made the Louisiana Purchase? Which President won a Nobel Peace Prize?

Which President also served as chief justice of the Supreme Court? Who was in office during the Teapot Dome scandal, and who endured the childhood nickname "Useless"?

From the historic Founding Fathers (three of whom died on the Fourth of July) to the 19th-century forgettables (Fillmore, Tyler, Pierce et al.) to our current leadership, Presidents lets you finally get it straight.

  • 51 die-cut cards
  • Full-color throughout
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