Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Famous Men of the Middle Ages

by John Haaren, A. B. Poland
Publisher: Memoria Press
Softcover Textbook, 166 pages
Price: $19.45

Historical Setting: Middle Ages

The new copy listed here has beautiful, full-color pictures, but used copies will usually be different—the 1st edition Memoria (older copyright but same ISBN) has only black & white pictures.

Jump into the Middle Ages with this classic history text. The story of the Middle Ages is told through the lives of Attila the Hun, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Edward the Black Prince, and Joan of Arc among others. The Famous Men of the Middle Ages guides students through the turbulent "dark age" of history and illuminates how the world transitioned from the end of ancient times to the birth of the modern era.

This is a study of Vikings, knights, castles and cathedrals. Includes sections on kings, emperors, popes, & saints from the fall of the Roman Empire to the eve of the Reformation.

The stories in this book begin with the tales of the Germanic chiefs who defeated the Romans: Alaric, Genseric, and Theodoric. Then there are the stories of the famous kings of the Franks: Clovis, Charles Martel, and Charlemagne. Attention is also paid to non-European leaders like Justinian, Mohammed, Harun-Al-Rashid, and El Cid. The second half of the book includes chapters on William the Conqueror, Frederick Barbarossa, Tamerlane, Marco Polo, and Joan of Arc (an honorary Famous Man). The stories of many of these figures can't be found for children anywhere else. Don't just show them pictures of castles, let them read the stories of those who built them and lived in them.

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