Famous Men of Greece

Famous Men of Greece

by John Haaren, A. B. Poland, Leigh Lowe
Publisher: Memoria Press
2nd Edition, ISBN: 9781615387328
Softcover Textbook, 126 pages
Price: $16.95

Historical Setting: Ancient Greece

The 2nd Edition is about 45 pages shorter than the previous edition. Although still attractively formatted and illustrated, most of the missing content is art, including all the full-page spreads there before. A pronunciation guide is now included.

The history of Greece is taught chronologically as students read short biographical sketches from Famous Men of Greece. The thirty chapters outline the lives of important figures from Greek history from Achilles to Alexander.

Your fourth or fifth graders should be able to read and enjoy the biographies independently, while older students can read them as well and not feel like they have been given something that is "babyish."

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