Summer 2010

June 21, 2010 - September 20, 2010

Swimming Banner
First Swim
Spring turned to summer and the sun warmed up our patch of Earth enough to don swimsuits and fill up the baby pool.
Another day we filled up both little pools.
Little Swimmers
Esther shows off her brand new standing skills.
Esther's Adoring Relatives
No one wanted to be left out of the water fun!
In that heat, it didn't take long to warm up enough to be ready to get back in the pool.
Defying Gravity
Yeah, I love a fast camera!
Fun Times
A Trip to the Splash Pad
On one of Daddy's days off we went to a local splash pad.
Daddy 'n Esther
Esther enjoyed it, but the wet ground was a bit slick for her unsteady feet.
Nathaniel and Jonny came with us.
Warming up in the Sun
Summer Baking
The hot pavement was perfect for warming up wet bodies!

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