10/25/2010, reviewed by Amanda Evans

We saw a trailer for this at least a couple years ago and have been impatiently waiting to see it ever since. We finally had a chance on a wet Sunday afternoon and we all loved watching Joshua and Lucy and even little Esther be enthralled with it. This documentary takes a little over an hour to show us glimpses from the first year of four different babies around the world. From Tokyo and San Francisco to the middle of nowhere in Africa and Mongolia, it was amazing to see what is the same and what is different in the lives of each baby from first breath to first steps. The focus of the film was entirely on watching the babies: there was no commentary, we don't know what the fathers do for a living, and we rarely see any faces other than children. The colors were warm, the music was lovely, and of course the babies were adorable!

As a caution, there was some cultural and maternal nudity, though the editing was pretty good. Also, if you watch this with your toddlers you may have some explaining to do about hitting and bullying. Children are sinners the world over.

It's on Netflix instant play currently, so right now is a good time to take the opportunity to see it!

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