Family Worship Book

Family Worship Book

A Resource Book for Family Devotions

by Terry L. Johnson
Hardcover, 197 pages
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Do you struggle to provide enjoyable, meaningful and spiritual times of family devotions? Have you nagging thoughts that you should be doing something about it?

Here is a solution, a book that will give you the impetus to start and the means to follow through. It answers four key questions:

  1. What is family worship?
  2. What have other people done?
  3. Why should I do it?
  4. How can I start?
  • Section 1 introduces what family worship entails.
  • Section 2 shows why you should get started and how.
  • Section 3 is a sample outline for family worship.
  • Section 4 then develops each point of the outline with sample prayers, calls to worship, Creeds, the 10 Commandments, the Beatitudes, and benedictions.
  • Section 5 shows how the above might be combined in an actual session.
  • Section 6 is a further collection of resources—a record of family Bible reading for three years, the Children's and Shorter Catechism's and 50 Bible passages suitable for memorization.
  • Section 7 contains three historical resources from Isaac Watts, Thomas Manton and the Directory for Family Worship published by the Church of Scotland
  • Section 8 provides the texts of 60 psalms and 60 hymns.

Armed with only your Bible and a few bookmarks, this book will help you lead your family in worship!

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