Family Table - CD

Family Table - CD

Rediscovering the Blessing of Christian Family Culture

by Douglas W. Phillips
Publisher: Vision Forum
Audio CD
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In today's fast-paced culture, the family table — once a central part of the life for believers — has been all but neglected as families have become disconnected and domesticity has been eschewed.

In this insightful message, Doug Phillips shows from the Scripture how the table is to be a place of peace, discipleship, hospitality, and cultural transformation. It is the place where some of the greatest glories of Christian culture are manifest and where the discipling of children and the evangelism of the community can be carried out with great effect. It is the place where fathers set aside the burdens of the day and open God's Word; where wives demonstrate their giftings; where sons are catechized; and where daughters show their service. Christ communed with His disciples around a table, and for lasting reformation to occur in our time, families must likewise embrance mealtime as an opportunity to commune with one another and glorify God.

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