Family-Integrated Church

Family-Integrated Church

Healthy Families, Healthy Church

by J. Mark Fox
Publisher: Xulon Press
Trade Paperback, 184 pages
Price: $14.99

What is a church like that does not divide families when they come through the front door? What is worship like when children and even infants are present? Can a church survive without "age-segregated programming?" What about a "youth group"? Church leadership? Outreach and missions?

There is a movement that is growing in this country, a movement back to the way things used to be as far as church is concerned. It is called by various names, the most common being the "family-integrated church."

This book is the story of how one church has been working to bring families back together. You will laugh, be encouraged, and your heart will be drawn back to what the Lord says about His church as you read this book. It will also serve some readers as a blueprint for change. May God get the glory!

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