Fairy Doll

Fairy Doll

by Rumer Godden, Adrienne Adams (Illustrator)
Publisher: Viking Press
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The Fairy Doll had been with the family for a very long time. I Elizabeth, the youngest child, who was always in trouble. She was untidy, late and she couldn’t ride a bicycle.

The other children teased and ignored her. But with the Fairy Doll to help, she found that gradually she could do all these things, and more. Could it be magic?


Nobody knew where she came from, but for as long as the children could remember, the fairy doll had been at the top of the Christmas tree. She was just six inches high and dressed in a white gauze dress with beads that sparkled, and on her feet were silver shoes—not painted, but stitched. Elizabeth, the youngest of the children, examined the stitches and decided that fairy mice had sewn them.

Elizabeth was quite different from her brothers and sisters. She was clumsy, naughty, and not very clever. She couldn't even ride her bicycle—until the fairy doll took her in hand!

The Fairy Doll is a captivating story, and, like Rumer Godden's The Mousewife and Impunity Jane, has the simplicity of art, the depth of feeling and experience. The illustrations are filled with all the wonderful things that mean Christmas and fairies.

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