Fairview's Guide to Composition and Essay Writing

Fairview's Guide to Composition and Essay Writing

by Gabriel Arquilevich
Publisher: Gabriel Arquilevich
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High school level composition and essay writing book with four sections. They cover the skills and cretivity involved in expository writing. The four sections are:

  1. The Big Picture: Begins with an emphasis on illutrative writing. It also studies tone, audience and paragraphing. Guides the student through brainstorming to drafting.
  2. Sentence Fluidity: The student learns to identify and correct awhward sentences and practices word choice, transition and quotations.
  3. Sentence Combining: These exercises help students economize their writing and emply various sentence structures to give a more sophisticated and creative prose.
  4. Four Essays: Learning throughout the book is put into use as the student complete four assigned essays.

This would be an excellent choice for a homeschool student or other student who needs some extra help with writing skills.

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