Face to Face - CD

Face to Face - CD

Meditations on Friendship and Hospitality

by Steve Wilkins, Gentry Rench (Reader)
Publisher: Canon Press
Audio CD
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Today, more and more of us are growing up in abnormal families and hostile environments, and, consequently, we don't understand the basics of friendship or hospitality. Many moderns, even Christians, try to deny the importance of these virtues by sinking deeper into their selfishness, only to complain of greater loneliness.

The heart of Christian reality is a society—a Trinity—of persons living with and for one another. God created us to live in bonds of society and friendship, not as lone rangers. The Christian faith presents friendship and hospitality not as luxuries but necessities. God does not save us in isolation but in community with other people. There is no possibility of living to the glory of God apart from godly companions.

In this book, Steve Wilkins seeks to call us back to the joyous obligations of friendship and hospitality. He spells out the biblical virtues that nurture both, as well as the stumbling blocks that will hinder us.

This unabridged recording by Gentry Rench includes 5 CDs.

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