Fable & Song - Teaching Helps

Fable & Song - Teaching Helps

Language Lessons for Grammar Students

by Kathy Weitz
Publisher: Cottage Press
Print-on-demand paperback, 260 pages
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Fable & Song Teaching Helps accompanies Fable & Song student book.

Provides detailed instructions for conducting lessons and completing exercises. Also includes notes and teacher tips for each lesson, and an Answer Key for exercises which warrant it.

Language Arts for Grammar Students is a comprehensive classical grammar and composition course for upper elementary students (4th to 6th grade). Composition lessons are based on the fable exercise of the ancient progymnasmata. Fable & Song contains twenty-eight lessons, each designed around a timeless literary or poetry selection—twelve fables from Aesop, twelve poems, mostly from Robert Louis Stevenson, and four parables of Jesus from the Bible.

Every lesson includes:

  •  Poetry & Prose—literary analysis 
  • Language Logic—grammar and word usage in context of literary selection
  • Eloquent Expression—style development in context of literary selection
  • Classical Composition—imitation of a worthy literary mode
  • Copybook—careful reproduction of a worthy literary selection

The timing of the lessons is flexible to suit a variety of student and classroom needs. Each of the twenty-eight lessons may be covered in a week, or over several weeks. Fable & Song is designed for use in the classroom, co-op, or homeschool setting. Fable & Song is appropriate for 4th to 6th grade students but could be used very effectively by older students as well.

Cottage Press is dedicated to the classical liberal arts, which set a proper course for a lifetime pursuit of wisdom by teaching the student to think, to love learning, and to passionately desire truth, beauty, and goodness. Toward that end, our Language Arts books are dedicated to developing “ready scribes” (Psalm 45:1) – scholars who are able to pen pleasing and winsome themes, flowing from hearts of virtue.

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