Exploring the World of Biology

Exploring the World of Biology

From Mushrooms to Complex Life Forms

Exploring Series
by John Hudson Tiner
Publisher: Master Books
Trade Paperback, 153 pages
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The field of biology focuses on living things, from the smallest microscopic protozoa to the largest mammal. In this book you will read and explore the life of plants, insects, spiders and other arachnids, life in water, reptiles, birds, and mammals, highlighting God's amazing creatio. You will learn about the following and so much more:


How does biological classification give each different type of plant or animal a unique name?

In what ways are seeds spread around the world?

What food does the body use for long-term storage of energy?

How did biologists learn how the stomach digested food?

What plant gave George de Mestral the idea for Velcro?

For most of history, biologists used the visible appearance of plants or animals to classify them. They grouped plants or animals with similar-looking features into families. Starting in the 1990s, biologists have extracted DNA and RNA from cells as a guide to how plants or animals should be grouped. Like visual structures, these reveal the underlying design or creation.

The newest book in our Exploring series, Exploring the World of Biology is a fascinating look at life - from the smallest proteins and spores, to the complex life systems of humans and animals.

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Summary: Biology actually becomes fascinating in this introductory text written from a Christian perspective.

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  A Favorite Subject
Willow White of Washougal, 8/19/2016
Biology is my favorite kid of science. Exploring the World of Biology is a really simple and enjoyable way to learn about biology. The informative text and accompanying pictures clearly convey the facts about biology from a biblical point of view. I think people of all ages can enjoy this book whether it's for an introduction or a refresher. It's also enjoyable to read multiple times.