Exploring Creation With Marine Biology - Instructional Videos (thumb Drive)

2nd Edition, ©2017, ISBN: 9781946506375
USB Flash Drive
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This DVD contains thirty-two presentations and corresponding class lecture notes. The program can be started at any point in the school year should your student desire access to quality science instruction. What the notes and recordings allow you to do is follow along with a class, hear the presentation, and view the presentation screens indicated in the class notes while they are being discussed. You are also provided with sample experiment reports, additional tests and answers, comprehensive exams and answers, and a course syllabus as a part of the package. Here is a complete summary of what is on the course disk:

  • 32 Enhanced WMV 60-90 minute video presentations of the best classes available: the WMV enhancement increases Mac and Linux compatibility
  • 32 MP3-HD audio files for MP3 player upload
  • 32 Revised fill-in-the-Blank lecture note sets
  • 32 Updated Teacher lesson notes with latest links used
  • 16 Reformatted Formal experiment report samples
  • 16 Revised Module Tests and answers
  • 01 Revised 1st Quarter Exam and answers
  • 01 Revised 1st Semester Exam and answers
  • 01 Revised 3rd Quarter Exam and answers
  • 01 Revised 2nd Semester Exam and answers
  • 01 Revised Comprehensive Exam and answers
  • 01 2010 Assignment Supplement
  • 01 2010 Course Schedule
  • 01 Instructions letter
  • 01 Introduction letter

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PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft Word, Windows Media Player for PC or MAC capable of playing .wmv movies, speakers, a printer, and a screen resolution of at least 1280x1024 are required for this program. Not for use in standard DVD players.

** Textbook, Solutions Manual, and lab supplies are not provided.

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