Exploring Creation with Chemistry - Instructional Videos (thumb drive)

Exploring Creation with Chemistry - Instructional Videos (thumb drive)

3rd Edition, ©2016, ISBN: 9781946506351
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Want to help your teen with chemistry but you don't know a catalyst from a compound? The solution is simple! Supplement your student's studies with this instructional DVD. Apologia Academy instructor Rusty Hughes will win your teen over with the best explanations, analogies, and stories he's collected over his sixteen-year career as a high school chemistry teacher. Packed with more than thirty hours of instruction, this DVD also contains video presentations of every experiment from the Exploring Creation with Chemistry textbook so students will know what their results should look like before performing the experiment themselves.

NOTE: You must have a program capable of playing .wmv files and opening .pdf files. Your computer must have a screen resolution of at least 1280x1024. Not for use in DVD players. It is not returnable once opened!

This DVD contains:

  • Lectures for each module broken down by section (one section, experiment, example per video for ease of synchronizing with the textbook)
  • Printable notes containing all math problems from the lectures
  • Thirty hours of chemistry instruction
  • All thirty experiments from the text on video
  • Instructor: Rusty A. Hughes
  • Format: Data-DVD
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