Exploring American History (old)

Exploring American History (old)

by David H. Montgomery, Michael McHugh
Trade Paperback, 359 pages
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This is one of the better CLP history texts. It reads more like an actual book than a textbook, and there is plenty of solid historical information. While the obvious Christian slant is still present, it isn't as obtrusive as in other CLP books, and it doesn't replace straightforward history with doctrinal treatises. Overall, kids will learn a lot about the U.S. as well as the effect the United States has had on the rest of the world.

How Does This Work?

Thirty-eight chapters pose as mini-biographies. Each chapter is devoted to an important historical figure, though the content is not limited to facts about him—why he is important and the events and people around him are also discussed. Black and white illustrations abound, making an already interesting and readable text even more appealing to fifth graders. Each chapter ends with six comprehension questions that can be answered from the text.

For teachers, there is a test packet and an answer key. The answer key includes answers to all in-text exercises and all test questions. There is no teacher's manual, and other than the answer key there are no support materials; any supplemental information you want to pass on to your students you will have to find yourself.

OurHonest Opinion:

This is a unique approach to history study. While it isn't a comprehensive treatment of U.S. history (it is only a fifth grade text), there is enough here to keep kids interested and wanting to read more. This is probably one of the few CLP history texts that needs no support. This would make a fine one-year history course for fifth graders; don't try to use the book with younger kids as they'll have too much trouble just reading the text, while kids that are much older will feel it is written at too low a level.

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