Exploring America - Full Set

Exploring America - Full Set

by Ray Notgrass
Publisher: Notgrass Company
4th Edition, ©2019, Item: 57246
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Exploring America is an American history high school curriculum combining American history, American literature, and Bible. It helps high school students gain a fuller understanding of our nation's past as they read the history narrative, read classic American literature, complete writing assignments, and study what the Bible says about issues and ideas in American history.

  • Bible-based. This curriculum presents history from the perspective of faith in God and respect for His Word.
  • Comprehensive. This curriculum helps students understand American history from the European exploration of the 15th and 16th centuries up to recent events, with extensive coverage of the 20th century.
  • Features classic literature and original documents. Except for the literature, the required readings are all found in the student text or in the reference books that come in the Curriculum Package, so you don't have to hunt for hard-to-find books!
  • Provides a year of credit in three subject areas. High school students can earn credits for American History, English, and Bible.

A narrative of American history with American literature assignments and weekly Bible study


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