Explore Medieval Kingdoms

Explore Medieval Kingdoms

Child's Geography Volume IV

by Terri Johnson
Publisher: Master Books
Revised, ©2023, ISBN: 9781683443179
Perfectbound, 383 pages
List Price: $44.99 Sale Price: $35.99

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Take your 6th – 7th grade students on a journey through the history and geography of the Medieval Kingdoms with A Child’s Geography Volume 4. This Christian homeschool curriculum explores the cultures and people groups in Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Belgium, and beyond.

With a conversational tone, the author writes as if she is on a trip with the student. The course offers the history of each country while also revealing what it would be like if you visited today. Homeschool parents love this all-in-one workbook which includes beautiful pictures, timelines, maps, recipes, and fun activities like building bridges and mazes.

Course Objectives

  • Explore Western European countries by the North Sea, Bay of Biscay, and Atlantic Ocean, including Switzerland and Austria.
  • Visit the tiny countries of Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.
  • Discover both historic and modern sites that include castles, palaces, churches, monuments, and museums.
  • See how medieval European countries developed over time to their modern geographical locations and economic positions.
  • Discover how God has worked throughout history in these countries and explore culturally significant Christian locations and places of worship.

Course Includes:

  • Travel Log notes at the end of each section to sum up important points
  • Timelines throughout to summarize major events.
  • Mapping activities at the end of each chapter to develop geography and map reading skills
  • Supply list, recipes, and crafts
  • Varied worksheets, chapter reviews, final exam, glossary, and answer key
  • A helpful course calendar for easy, stress-free scheduling

Table of Contents

  • Teacher, Set the Course!
  • Materials List
  • Schedule
  • Introduction
  • Map of Medieval Kingdoms
  • 1. Spain [part one]: Moor Land in Spain
  • 2. Spain [part two]: Farther Up and Farther In
  • 3. Portugal: From Lisbon to the Edge of the World
  • 4. Andorra and Monaco: Tiny Kingdoms
  • 5. France [part one]: Mediterranean Shores and a Snapshot of the Past
  • 6. France [part two]: A Land of Stone and Sea, Battles and Heroes
  • 7. France [part three]: Paris, the City of Light
  • 8. France [part four]: Chateâux, Mountains, and Medieval Life
  • 9. Switzerland: Alpine Adventure
  • 10. Austria: The Sound of Music
  • 11. Germany [part one]: Trotting Through Bavaria and Cruising Back in Time
  • 12. Germany [part two]: Firestorm in Germany
  • 13. Liechtenstein and Luxembourg: More Tiny Kingdoms
  • 14. Belgium: Waffles, Lace, and French Fries
  • 15. The Netherlands: Reclaimed from the Sea
  • Glossary
  • Chapter Reviews
  • Final Exam
  • Answer Keys
  • Maps


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