Exactly Alike

Exactly Alike

by Evaline Ness
©1964, Item: 81393
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Because her four freckled brothers looked exactly alike, Elizabeth never could tell who was who. Was it Benny who leaped out of the closet to scare her - or Bertie? Was Buzzie the brother who untied her hair ribbon? Was it Biff who broke her doll?

It was indeed an extraordinary problem and Elizabeth longed to solve it. She tried every way she knew, but in vain. Then a wise friend came to her rescue. "No two living things are exactly alike," he said, "not even the leaves on a tree."

in solving the mystery of Benny, Bertie, Buzzie and Biff, Elizabeth makes a far more exciting discovery. How it all happens is zestfully and colorfully told by Evaline Ness in a charming picture book to delight both boys and girls.

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