Evolution: The Grand Experiment - Set

Evolution: The Grand Experiment - Set

The Quest for an Answer

by Dr. Carl Werner, Debbie Werner (Photographer)
Publisher: New Leaf Press
©2007, Item: 29702
Curriculum Bundle
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With the release of Ben Stein's documentary film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, there seems to be a renewing interest in the creation/intelligent design vs. evolution debate. Secular scientists can't seem to leave the issue alone, loudly declaring evolution incontrovertible fact and shamelessly admitting they hold to the theory because it is wholly atheistic. Even many Christians, scientists and laypeople alike, have simply resigned themselves to the "fact" of man's evolutionary origins.

Dr. Carl Werner's new book, Evolution: The Grand Experiment, does not take evolution for granted. Instead, he has amassed thousands of facts about the fossil record, geology, ecology, etc., that indicate the falsity of the claims of evolutionists. The text is illustrated throughout with hundreds of beautiful, full-color photographs, making it not only educational but just plain fun to look at. Questions at the end of chapters can either be answered by essay questions or provide a segue to group discussion.

There is enough evidence and support for creationism/intelligent design here that even those unfamiliar with the issues will be able to engage in cogent discussion after reading this book. While there is plenty of scientific terminology to keep science buffs interested, it is clearly presented and thoroughly explained. Werner doesn't spend a lot of time sermonizing—he just offers arguments and evidence and allows the reader to reach a conclusion.

This isn't a science curriculum. There is a teacher's manual which includes tests and discussion topics, so you could use this as a semester-long course, though you could also simply read the student text at your own pace. Because there is a lot of information that lends itself to conversation, this could also be a good choice for a high school or college level Sunday school course.

Werner doesn't spend much time discussing the origins of the evolutionary theory itself, its founders, or its rise within academic circles to the status of fact. His examples and data are primarily contemporary, and he interacts mostly with 20th century scientists. This is not the history of evolutionary thought, it is an assessment of the current culmination of the theory and its followers. While every issue that threatens the integrity of God's Word should be addressed and opposed by Christians, evolutionary thought has become so ubiquitous in our society that it should probably be one of our first concerns—this attractive book is a welcome addition to the ranks of pro-creationist material.



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