Evolution 2.0

Evolution 2.0

by Perry Marshall (Author)
First Trade Paper Edition, ©2017, ISBN: 9781944648756
Trade Paperback, 300 pages
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When Charles Darwin wrote "Origin of Species," cells were considered gobs of goo. But today we know NASA astronaut Scott Kelly's body altered its own gene expressions in just one year (!) when he traveled to space and back. His body executed a direct evolutionary response to the rigors of the International Space Station.

Such new discoveries demonstrate how obsolete Neo-Darwinian ideas about random mutation were. New knowledge was resisted for decades. Why? Because it overturned entrenched norms, popular beliefs, accepted paradigms.

The old-school Darwinism of yesteryear is dead on arrival. It has been replaced with a new synthesis. If you've been dissatisfied with the choice between dogmatic creationism and meaningless Darwinism, you'll be reassured to find there is a third way. 

Evolution 2.0 pinpoints the central mystery of biology, offering a $5 million technology prize at naturalcode.org to the first person who can solve it - staffed by judges from Harvard, Oxford, and MIT.

Evolution 2.0 is the first book written in plain English that correctly explains how evolution works. Cells posses an evolutionary "Swiss Army Knife" toolkit with five blades. 

Evolution isn't random events. It's RESPONSE to random events. Evolution 2.0 proves that, while evolution is not a hoax, neither is it random nor accidental. Changes are targeted, adaptive, and aware. You'll discover:

  • How organisms re-engineer their genetic destiny in real time
  • Amazing systems living things use to re-design themselves
  • Every cell is armed with machinery for editing its own DNA
  • The five amazing tools organisms use to alter their genetics
  • 70 years of scientific discoveries, of which the public has heard virtually nothing!

    Perry Marshall, as an engineer, rejected the concept of organisms "accidentally" evolving. But then an epiphany, that DNA is code, much like data in our digital age, sparked a 10-year journey of in-depth research into 70 years of under-reported evolutionary science. This led to a new understanding of evolution, an evolution 2.0 that not only furthers technology and medicine, but fuels our sense of wonder at life itself.

    This book will open your eyes and transform your thinking about evolution and spirituality. You'll gain a deeper appreciation for our place in the universe. You'll gain a new appreciation for the urgency of these questions as we plunge into this brave new world of genetic engineering.
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