Everything You Need To Know About World History Homework

Everything You Need To Know About World History Homework

by Anne Zeman, Kate Kelly
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Perfectbound, 131 pages
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With a refreshing new design and fully updated information, the Everything You Need to Know About... series is a first-rate homework reference guide for 4th- 5th- and 6th-graders and their parents!

The newly revised and updated Everything You Need to Know About...series provide kids and parents with a quick refresher to 4th through 6th grade curriculum topics. The organization and scope of these concise homework-help guides make them an essential reference resource.

Researched according to middle-grade curriculum and current textbooks, and created in conjunction with subject experts, these titles answer kids' most frequently asked homework questions.

In WORLD HISTORY, students will find everything from Ancient Egypt to Buddha, from Operation Enduring Freedom to the Olympic Games.

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