Evergreen Schole Form II

Evergreen Schole Form II

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Required Purchase:

  1. Trustworthy world atlas
  2. US map
  3. Oregon map
  4. Literature: (students may use library or electronic copies)
  5. Writing & Rhetoric: Fables (book 1) (EB)
    Classicalacademicpress.com has sample lessons & visuals
  6. Writing & Rhetoric: Narrative I (book 2) * (EB)
    Classicalacademicpress.com has sample lessons & visuals

(EB) = included in discounted package

In-Class Use, Encouraged Purchase

The following books or curriculum will be used in class. Parents may wish to purchase, or find library or electronic copies for review & enjoyment at home:

  1. Latin for Children Primer A (songs & vocab presented in class)
  2. Trial & Triumph
  3. Fifty Famous Stories Retold
  4. American Tall Tales
  5. What the World Eats
  6. Sabbath Mood Guides (these are small, notebook-style downloadable guides)
    • Sabbath Mood Chemistry (Form II)
    • Sabbath Mood Physics - Magnets (Form II)
    • Sabbath Mood Physics - Machines (Form II) *
    • Books listed in At-Home Use

At-Home Use, Recommended Resources

The following books or curriculum complement the class content and routine.

  1. This Country of Ours * (YC version | LBP Color version | LBP B&W version)
  2. Draw the World series of books - particularly USA and World
  3. Modern History - living books from mid-19th century to present
  4. Samples by great Artists: 19th century to present
  5. Samples by great Composers: romantic, modern, jazz
  6. The Story of Inventions
  7. Matter, Molecules, & Atoms
  8. Magnets * (Feravolo)
  9. Exploring the World of Physics
  10. The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling
  11. Handbook of Nature Study (Comstock)
  12. Complementary Literature Suggestions for upper grammar students:
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