Eveli and The Children's Carol

Eveli and The Children's Carol

by Johanna Spyri, Helen B. Dole (Translator), Jenny Phillips (Editor)
Trade Paperback, 92 pages
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While unabridged, this text has been updated with modern spelling and punctuation.

Two books published as one—Eveli and The Children’s Carol


Every day in the beautiful vacation time Eveli came down to the hospital with a new bunch of flowers, and every day the patients looked forward to her appearance, so that one could see she brought everyone something that did them good.

Even though life for Eveli is difficult, she finds immense joy as she discovers ways to serve and uplift others around her. Through her simple acts of pure kindness, Eveli learns how love can soften even the hardest of hearts.

The Children’s Carol

High in the mountains of Switzerland, Basti, Fränzeli, and their widowed mother are constantly battling poverty with their widowed mother. Work is scarce and food scarcer, especially during the long winter months. When Mother faints from hunger, the children know they must do something! Through their innocent gift of song, they meet a group of travelers who take pity on their plight and determine to bless their lives forevermore.

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