ESV Illustrated Family Bible

ESV Illustrated Family Bible

Publisher: Crossway Books
Hardcover, 424 pages
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The ESV Illustrated Family Bible is simplyone of the best children's story Bibles we offer. Each of the 270 stories (133from the Old Testament, 137 from the Old Testament) is a selection taken directly from the English Standard Version of the Bible, with no editing or paraphrase. Zbigniew Freus' illustrations are engaging and both idealized and realistic.

While this isn't the entire Bible, it does contain the salient passages. This is probably best for kids aged 8-12, but if you want to do family devotions without some of the really difficult parts (like genealogies), the ESV Illustrated Family Bible can be read to children (and adults) of any age. These are, after all, simply passages from the Word of God itself.

This handsome volume is well-designed to withstand years of use. We suggest reading through this with kids before they read the Bible on their own so they'll have a working knowledge of the general flow of biblical history, as well as the most important doctrines of the Christian faith. We're happy to offer this book, and hope your family enjoys it as much as we have.

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