Essential American

Essential American

25 Documents and Speeches Every American Should Own

by Jackie Gingrich Cushman (Editor)
Hardcover, 256 pages
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More than ever, Americans are realizing that if we want to keep this country great, we must be citizen patriots. And here’s the handbook every citizen patriot needs: The Essential American, featuring the fundamental documents of our nation’s history.

Compiled by syndicated columnist Jackie Gingrich Cushman and featuring a foreword by her father—bestselling author and former Speaker of the House—Newt Gingrich, The Essential American is the ultimate patriot’s resource.

Featuring well-known and lesser-known documents and speeches, as well as bonus material,The Essential American includes:

  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Constitution
  • Daniel Webster’s Plymouth Oration
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address
  • Douglas MacArthur’s Duty, Honor, Country speech
  • Ronald Reagan’s Speech at the Brandenburg Gate

BONUS Lists: American Presidents (and their presidential parties), all 50 states (with their capitals and year of admittance to the Union), etc. A bonus DVD, with more than 1,000 additional documents and articles critical to our nation’s history. And much more!

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