Arctic Hunters and Trappers

Sonia Bleeker's Tribes of the Americas
by Sonia Bleeker, Patricia Boodell (Illustrator)
©1959, Item: 86777
Library Binding, 160 pages
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The home of the Eskimo is the arctic region, a central basin filled by the Arctic Ocean and surrounded by land. It is a place of ice and snow, with long, bitter winters, but through the centuries these strong and brave people have developed ways of making the best of their rigorous surroundings so they can live comfortably and happily.

Essential to their survival is the igloo, said to be the Eskimo's most ingenious invention. Inside the igloo is the all-important Eskimo lamp, used for heat, light, cooking, and drying clothes. Kayak, umiak, and sled carry the Eskimo over sea and land as he pits his skill and luck against the elements, hunting the wildlife which he depends on for almost all his needs.

Sonia Bleeker's description of the Eskimo people, their games, their crafts, their colorful mythology, sparkles with life; and her short account of the history of arctic exploration is dramatic and absorbing. Patricia Boodell's attractive drawings capture the vitality of these courageous, skillful people who live on the top of the world.

–From the dust jacket

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