The Adventures of Three Huguenot Children Fleeing Persecution

Huguenot Inheritance Series #1
by A. Van der Jagt
Trade Paperback, 197 pages
Price: $10.95

Historical Setting: France, 17th Century

Based on historical facts, this is the story of three young French Huguenot children, who flee France for Holland in the late 1680s.

After John's mother died, Uncle Louis and Aunt Mary were taking care of him. His father had been sent to the galleys and his sister Manette to Paris. When Uncle Francis, who was the local priest, wanted to send John to a cloister, John decided to flee to Holland, the land of freedom. However, he did not want to forget about his little sister and thus he undertook the difficult and dangerous job to free her also. After many adventures they arrived in Holland.

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